June 11, 2014 Kimmo Kivirauma

TeamUp’s Windows Phone application connects talents, sponsors and fans in a unique way



Helsinki– June 11, 2014 – (For release June 11th, 10 a.m. EET)

TeamUp, a Finnish startup, is aiming to be the global leader in digital sponsorship marketing and fan engagement with its social media community. TeamUp’s new Windows Phone app launched today makes it even easier to discover and support talents and for fans to keep in touch with them. TeamUp also announced their official entry into the U.S. market.

The TeamUp social media community has all the right elements to help talented individuals and groups to monetize their fan base. “TeamUp is a new way to do digital marketing which makes content and ‘offer delivery’ highly relevant to an audience that is open to receiving it. We absolutely could not have created our service that is scalable in the global marketplace on a startup budget without the support of Microsoft, specifically Azure cloud services, Bizspark program and a generous award from Appcampus,” said Donna Kivirauma, CEO and Co-founder of TeamUp.

The app brings the TeamUp community from the web to the Windows Phone, and enables easy interactions while on the go. “The core of TeamUp is discovering and supporting interesting local and international athletes, sports teams, musicians and artists. The app makes this even easier than in our web service. Fans can keep in touch with their favorite talents, and talents can easily make updates regardless of where they are,” said Kimmo Kivirauma, COO and Co-founder of TeamUp. “The uniqueness of the app comes in how talents, fans and sponsors are nicely tied together via e.g. the Team Benefits, provided by the sponsors of the talents”, Kimmo emphasized.

TeamUp also revealed their new discover page that can be seen at www.tmup.co/community. The new discover page makes it easy to follow a sport, music genre, art, etc. internationally or from a specific country. “The new discover page makes TeamUp a very unique experience for the fan. For example you could select Finland and basketball, and see updates from all of the Finnish basketball teams in TeamUp along with updates from their sponsors and cheers from their fans”, stated Pekka Martikainen, CTO and Co-owner of TeamUp.

TeamUp has been supported by Microsoft’s Bizspark program and has received funding from AppCampus.

“We are pleased to help entrepreneurs transforming their ideas into successful business. Our Bizspark program offers technology-based startups free access to Microsoft technology. That’s great to see how smart people have been creating innovative services and provide new experiences to the users and create economic value. TeamUp is one case of success”, said José Fernandes, Technology Evangelism Director at Microsoft Finland. “The power of innovative ideas is today’s most valuable currency, and Microsoft is here to help this happen.”

TeamUp launched in October of 2013, but is now spreading its wings to the U.S., where 37% of the world’s sponsorship expenditure is being spent. TeamUp already has their first U.S. customer, AOK Medical Center from Houston, Texas. “TeamUp is very unique with tremendous potential for success, so we are very proud to be the first U.S. customer”, commented Deborah Barbier, Chief Development Officer at AOK Medical Center. You can visit the AOK Medical Center’s TeamUp profile at www.tmup.co/b/AOKMedicalCenter.

The U.S. Embassy in Helsinki has been supporting TeamUp’s entry to the U.S. market.


Ambassador Bruce Oreck was pleased to see the Finnish company TeamUp progressing with their entry into the United States. “If we can help companies like TeamUp to get connected in the U.S. market, both Finland and the U.S. benefit economically,” commented Ambassador Oreck.

More information:

Donna Kivirauma, CEO and Co-founder, donna@teamup.fi, +358 40 033 9239

José Fernandes, Technology Evangelism Director, josefer@microsoft.com, +358 50 368 6184

AOK Medical Center
Deborah Barbier, dbarbier@aokmedicalcenter.com, +1 713 522 1485

About TeamUp
TeamUp is a passionate, award-winning Finnish startup, who aims to be the global leader in sponsorship digital marketing and fan engagement. Founded by Donna and Kimmo Kivirauma in August 2012, the company has developed a new fan site TeamUp (www.tmup.co). TeamUp is the best way to discover, follow and support athletes, sports teams, musicians, and artists in all phases of their career. The service has more than 350 talents, 60 businesses and thousands of fans. Notable talents include Finnish National Baskeball team Susijengi, Olympic Team Finland, Pyrintö Basketball, Floorball team Happee, and four time Paralympic winner Leo-Pekka Tähti. The free TeamUp! Windows Phone app is now available at the Windows Store.

About ConnectUSA program
Ambassador Bruce Oreck and the U.S. Embassy team in Finland are taking new and innovative measures to build connections between Finnish and American companies and regions. The ConnectUSA Program seeks to increase opportunities for trade and investment in both directions.

About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. In Finland Microsoft Oy employs 280 persons whose vision together with over 3000 partners is to help customers succeed using Microsoft solutions.

About AOK Medical Center
The AOK Medical Center is a multi-specialty facility with over twenty-five years’ experience and has six medically focused businesses located in Houston, Texas. These include Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center, AOK Physical Therapy, AOK Spine & Pain, AOK Emergency Room, Special Surgery of Houston and Houston Medical Imaging.

Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center’s Sports Medicine doctors are comprised of physicians who are respected for their diagnostic, surgical and non-surgical treatment of orthopedic injuries. Our Physicians serve as the team physicians for many of the Houston area schools.

AOK is committed to providing the best care possible for athletes with specialized orthopedic offers including:

  • Platinum Patient Program for School athletes
  • Same day access to Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine orthopedic doctors during business hours
  • Unparalleled follow-up care for sports injuries by Athletic trainers

Dr. Jack Jensen is a founding member of the AORF (Athletic Orthopedics Research Foundation). AORF was established in 1988, a non-profit organization that performs orthopedic research and supports communities, schools, and students in the Greater Houston area


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