October 6, 2012 Donna Kivirauma

TeamUp took part in the Mindtrek Launchpad competition – and finished 3rd

After officially forming our company in late August, we decided that entering the Launchpad competition at Mindtrek would be a great opportunity to introduce our concept. It would give us a chance for competition to see how we stack up next to many other great innovative companies. Of course going into any competition you hope for a win, but in our case being such a young company that had not even launched the service yet the odds were really against us.

Donna pitching on stage at Mindtrek Launchpad. October 2012

Donna pitching on stage at Mindtrek Launchpad competition, October 2012.

TeamUp rose to the challenge! We filled in the application, and soon we found out that we were selected as one of the six finalists. Already that was a great achievement, as we heard later that there were more than 30 applicants. We quickly put together what many at the event said was one of the best pitches they had ever seen.We worked night and day on our demo and even arranged to have some of the amazing talents that will have profiles in the TeamUp community there for the grand finale.  Lassi Halminen, an emerging Formula race car driver, Iida Keränen, a promising young Equestrian, and Damon Williams, the best professional basketball player in Finland from Pyrintö were all there to help bring life to the community that TeamUp is developing.

Our featured Talents on stage at Mindtrek Launchpad competition: Lassi Halminen, Iida Keränen and Damon Williams.

Our featured Talents on stage at Mindtrek Launchpad competition: Lassi Halminen, Iida Keränen and Damon Williams.

We were amazed and happy that we finished 3rd place in the competition. Competing against many other great innovative companies gave us credibility in the community that we are on the right track.

TeamUp is appreciative of all the individuals and companies who stepped up to help us create the success. Leadin, our graphics design company, worked quickly to understand our company, our needs and provided us with everything we needed to create our demo.  They did this in less than two weeks. Then our development team took those graphics and built our polished demo in less than 5 days working continuously day and night! We were ready to go on competition day.

Many people came forward to offer their support to us as Friends of TeamUp. Without the support of the community, a social media community cannot thrive. Thank you very much Friends of TeamUp.

“Believer in dreams and Facilitator in making them come true.”
Donna Kivirauma, Co-founder of TeamUp


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