October 30, 2013 Katri Mäkinen

TeamUp and Dagmar – Better. Together.

TeamUp & Dagmar


Press release

Helsinki – October 30, 2013 – TeamUp, a Tampere based start-up announced today that it has officially launched a new social media community where athletes, sports teams, musicians and artists can be supported by fans and business sponsors.

TeamUp announced at the same time a new strategic partnership with Dagmar.

“We created a new social media community with all the right elements to help talented individuals and groups to make their dreams come true,” said Donna Kivirauma, CEO and Co-founder of TeamUp. “We also created a new way to do digital marketing which is based upon relationship building and earning customer loyalty via sponsorship. The Dagmar partnership completes the offering,” continued Donna.

Tuula Kallio, Managing Director of Dagmar, commented that “TeamUp has created a unique space for talents, fans and companies, which linked together with Dagmar’s expertise in social media strategy, community management and content creation can significantly amplify the results companies can expect from sponsoring. We want to play a role in developing this unique Finnish innovation and offer our expertise to companies that want to leverage new and innovative opportunities in sponsoring.”

Marketing is done in a positive way, free of pop-ups and banner ads. Instead, fans of the talents will receive benefits from the businesses. The best benefits will have unique content that enhances the fan experience. “Dagmar is in a position to create successful campaigns for our customers. They have the expertise, relationships and reputation that makes the partnership a big win for TeamUp,” explained Donna.

In TeamUp, businesses and the talents they support can tell about their journey together. The story-telling helps the fan to better understand how important the role of sponsorship is to the talents. “TeamUp is a brilliant way to create even more powerful stories around the various talents that companies support,” expressed Tuula Kallio, Managing Director of Dagmar.

TeamUp is now officially open so you can join the community at www.teamup.fi, become a fan, cheer and explore the fan shops for your favorite talents, and learn more about the businesses that support them.


About TeamUp:
TeamUp is the best way that talents and groups can find sponsors and offer a great marketing opportunity to the businesses that support them. www.teamup.fi

About Dagmar:
Dagmar is the biggest marketing communications agency in Finland with 140 professionals. www.dagmar.fi/



Donna Kivirauma
CEO and Co-Founder, TeamUp
+358 40 033 9239

Tuula Kallio
Managing Director, Dagmar Oy
+358 40 530 1900

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