Create your own FanPage and tell your story.

Check out e.g. these examples of inspirational Artist FanPages: Raisa Foster, Unito.

Start making updates regularly and share them to other social networks. The very first thing to do is to link your FanPage with your Facebook Page and Twitter account. After that it’s easy to automatically share your updates to Facebook and Twitter. The shared updates include a link back to your update in TeamUp, so your followers can easily find your FanPage.

You can also link your Instagram account to your TeamUp FanPage. That allows you to easily share your Instagram posts to TeamUp — just use the #tmup hashtag with your posts in Instagram.

Let everybody know that you have joined TeamUp.Add the TeamUp-logo and widget to your web pages.

teamup with me

Explain all of the people in your inner circle why you have joined TeamUp and what are the benefits for being in the community (best way to be in touch with your fans and an ultimate way to create value for your sponsors). Invite them to become your fan in TeamUp.

 Invite your existing fans to join TeamUp and explain to them why. It’s very important for people to understand why you’ve entered a new platform, if you want them to follow you there. Here’s an example of something you can post in your existing social channels and blogs etc.:

Hi fans, thank you so much for following me in Facebook! I want to invite you to join us in TeamUp, my new Fansite. I have found that TeamUp will give me a much better place to be in touch with you. You will get all of my updates, and I can message you with important information. Stay tuned also for exclusive content.

I really liked that it is also an ad-free community which won’t sell your private information. I think you will love the fan ranking too! I can reward my top fans together with my sponsors. Join me in TeamUp for the fun and let’s see who will be my top fan this month. The top fans will get all kinds of surprises and rewards from me.

You can make a fan competition and use our fan ranking capability in deciding which ones to reward. Fans will earn fan points e.g. by sharing your profile and bringing in more fans for you.

become my fan

 Invite your existing sponsors / partners to TeamUp. When they come to TeamUp it’s very easy for you let the others know about your partnership, and you can create a whole new value for your sponsors e.g. via linking the profiles, automatic content visibility, partnership announcements, “promo-corner”-feature, and automatic team invitations.

Your sponsors can join and create their free business profile, or order some of the paid level subscriptions which unlock all of the tools for fully activating their sponsorships. 

 Link your sponsor’s profile to your FanPage. Linking means that your latest update will be shown in your sponsor’s profile, and vice versa. Your sponsor’s logo (i.e. their profile picture) will be shown in your FanPage, and your picture will be shown in your sponsor’s profile.

You can make the linking by initiating a partnership with them on TeamUp. Just go to their profile and select “Initiate a partnership” from the dropdown menu next to their profile name.

You have the full power in TeamUp: you decide which sponsors to link with, and with what terms.

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