May 21, 2013 Katri Mäkinen

TeamUp attends New Factory Open 2013

Donna presenting at the New Factory Open

Today, 21st May, TeamUp takes part in New Factory Open in Tampere. This annual event is held to showcase the work that has been going on in New Factory, including Protomo and Demola.

New Factory Open is a one-day event about what’s going on in the core of innovation and startup scene – and what’s next! (…) New Factory Open is big showroom with the spotlight on the teams and startups working in New Factory. (Source:

Uusi Tehdas/New Factory is a business incubation center that gets its name from its premises: they are located in Finlayson’s old cotton factory, perfectly situated in the center of Tampere. Today, this historic factory produces no cotton, but new business ideas, concepts and prototypes, and New Factory’s Protomo and Demola are the first home to many interesting start-ups.

Going back to New Factory is an interesting milestone for TeamUp, since we have “graduated” from Protomo: as some of you may already know, TeamUp was founded in August 2012, and in September 2012 we joined Protomo, so the first and important stages of TeamUp’s development took place there. Today, we go back and present our idea and new community to an audience of over 500 people.

As you can imagine, it is an exciting day for us, as we have the chance to spread the word about TeamUp to many who haven’t heard of  us before. In the afternoon, from 14.30 to 16.30, we are in the Showroom together with other startups, and at 17 o’clock our Donna will present TeamUp on the main stage in the “Start-up Spotlight”. You can see the full program of the event here.

If you are participating in the event, do come and say hi to us in the Showroom! However, as many of you who read this probably won’t be in New Factory today, we’ll try to share our thoughts and feelings about the event, together with photos, with you in a later blog post. Check out also our Twitter feed @teamupfinland or  the event hashtag #nfo13, perhaps our TeamUppers who participate in the event share bits and pieces of their day there!

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