Would you like to reach 100% of your fans?

Did you know, that in Facebook only 6% or less of your fans will see your update unless you pay?

Well, we think that’s wrong, and thus TeamUp is different: your fans in TeamUp will always see your latest updates in their private view. It’s like a dashboard, clean and beautiful.

Facebook organic reach
TeamUp organic reach

Amplify your content reach with TeamUp

When you publish your content in TeamUp, you can share it automatically to Facebook and Twitter.

Your latest update will be shown in all of your fan’s and sponsor’s own newsfeed, but also in their public profiles.

But the real power comes from your fans: they can help spread the content further to their own friends in Facebook and WhatsApp, and to their followers in Twitter.

So at best, not only will a much larger audience see your updates, but you can also get totally new fans. Cool, right?

Your fans gain points when they help you.

When your fans share your content, they earn points from every visitor to your profile. If those visitors decide to become your fans as well, they earn even more. Fans earn also points by visiting your profile every day.

The more points your fans have, the higher they climb on your personal TOP fan list. Thus you’ll get to know who your biggest fans are, and can reward them in a way or another.

Create A TOTALLY new value for your sponsors

Would you like to decide which companies can reach your fans?

You might know that in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a totally random company can decide to target your fans with advertisements, and you’ll get nothing. In fact, the more content you create in those platforms, the better targeting possibilities advertisers get. TeamUp is different: YOU are the one to decide which companies can reach your fans.

Would you like to get NEW revenue in social media, and keep 100% of it?

In TeamUp, you can. If you gather your fans to TeamUp, then you can decide the cost for the sponsors to reach your fans and keep 100% of the money or perks they are willing to give you for that. The secret sauce is the invitation that can be sent to all of your fans in TeamUp: up to 90% of the fans have decided to become a fan of the sponsor as well.

So finally there’s a proven way to create a totally new value for the sponsor via social media.

Join TeamUp now.

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