Here you can find TeamUp icons, buttons, logos and brand colors.

TeamUp icons

250 x 250 pixel logos. Right-click to download.

teamup-icon-square-250px teamup-icon-bw-square-250px teamup-icon-black-square-250px  Vector file (PDF)
teamup-icon-round-glossy-250px.png teamup-icon-round-purple-250px.png teamup-icon-round-darkgrey-250px.png teamup-icon-round-black-250px.png teamup-icon-round-bw-250px.png

Become a fan buttons

Various versions of button-images that you can link to your TeamUp FanPage. Right-click to download.

Here’s an example how to use the button-images below:

1) Download the button and upload it to your web-page (in this case “become-a-fan-25px.png“)

2) Place the following code to your web-page (remember to replace the YOURPAGENAME with the real one, and /path-to/ with the directory path on your web-server)

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”/path-to/become-a-fan-25px.png” alt=”Become our fan”></a>

become a fan 20px become our fan 20px become my fan 20px
become a fan 25px become our fan 25px become my fan 25px

TeamUp Logos

Vector file (PDF)

TeamUp brand colors

Primary palette

TeamUp Dark Purple #47008F

TeamUp Light Purple #730ACF

TeamUp Light Blue #42A6FF

TeamUp Dark Grey #1D252D

Secondary palette

Passion Red #D12638

Exciting Orange #FC6F11

Inspiring Light Blue #66D5FF

Moody Ochre #FFB70E

Dreamy Pink #EE54D0

Mellow Yellow #FFE81C

Fresh Green #3BD965

Soft Blue #008cd2

Light Blueberry #bb50cc

Fresh Cyan #49d9bb

Menu Icons #484848


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