Link in TeamUp with those you sponsor, so your audience can fall in love with your brand.

Facebook and Twitter do not drive fans to sponsors. Try yourself: go and “Like” your favorite sports team in Facebook. Does anything tell you to like their sponsors? Did you even get to know who they are?

Well, TeamUp is different. Just agree with those you sponsor to connect your profiles together, and your brand can earn fans due to our built-in invitation mechanism.


partnership connections made


% of fans have accepted the invitation


Sponsor a target

Find a sponsorship target from TeamUp or bring one from outside. As TeamUp is not part of the sponsorship deal, 100% of the money goes to your sponsorship target.

Connect in TeamUp

Link your profiles together via TeamUp-partnership. If you have agreed to a so-called “Team Partnership”, 100% of the fans of your sponsorship partner will get an invitation to become the fan of your company / brand as well.

Earn fans

The more targets you sponsor and link in TeamUp, the bigger the audience you can reach. The more fans your targets have, the more fans you can earn for your brand.

Unprecedented ways to activate and measure sponsorships

Instead of having ads in TeamUp, we give you the possibility to build a positive relationship with the fans.

This is possible via so-called Team benefits, which can range anywhere from discount coupons to most amazing VIP experiences.

You can easily see the measure the success of the team benefits, as you can link them to e.g. your own website or webshop.



(We have both free and paid level profiles for businesses.)

Check out the presentation about TeamUp for sponsors.


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