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Being a fan should be rewarding

TeamUp is a sports and entertainment community where loyalty is rewarded.

Become a fan of inspiring people and groups

There are already hundreds of inspiring individuals and groups that are sharing their passion to their fans.

You can easily discover them via categories such as Sports, Music, Arts, Events, Charities.

By becoming their fan you can show your appreciation for their talent, and know that you will always see their updates (as we do NOT filter your newsfeed).


Earn fan points & get rewarded

Help spread the content from those you are a fan of, and you will earn fan points. The more points you have, the higher you are in the TOP fans list for that person or group.

You will also earn points by visiting their profile every day, and buying something from their fan shop.

Many fans have already been rewarded with VIP experiences and much more. Are you next?

Cheer to show your appreciation

We want TeamUp to be the most positive place to share passion and experiences.

That’s why we have cheering – a public way to send positive energy and appreciation to other community members: be it an inspirator, a fan, or a sponsor.

Btw, if you share your cheer further to e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or to your Whatsapp contacts, you will earn even more fan points. 🙂

Do more than like - purchase fan items

Inspirators can open their own shop to sell fan items and experiences.

When you buy something from the shop, you’ll know that 100% of your money goes directly to the shop owner.

Buying from their shop is an awesome way to appreciate those you’re a fan of.

Enjoy the benefits

There are no ads in TeamUp.

Instead, you can get cool and useful benefits from the sponsors of those you are a fan of. Benefits can be anything from product offers to the most exciting VIP experiences.

And when you give your feedback about the benefits, it helps the sponsors to improve them.

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